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Well, once again Idol has confounded me this week for two reasons.

First…they were doing Billboard #1 hits…however, no one really chose any epic songs or CURRENT songs to do to make themselves relevant at all other than Katie taking on Fergie.

Second…MILEY. CYRUS. Why was she a mentor? Honestly. Whatever, OVER IT!

This week I am going to do this a bit differently. Rather than giving a full run-down of each performance, I am going to give up to three words to sum up each performance, which will be VERY difficult for me.

First: Lee Dewyze singing “The Letter”. Me: Energy was Better; Randy: Knocked it outta the park; Ellen: Fantastic; Kara: Raising your own bar; Simon: Not a recording performance.

Second: Paige Miles singing “Against All Odds”. Me: Pitchy Vote Off; Randy: Honestly terrible; Ellen: Looks pretty; Kara: Your worst vocal of this season; Simon: Got progressively worse.

Third: Tim Urban singing “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. Me: Presence over Vocals; Randy: Vocals boring; Ellen: Felt corny; Kara: Not established; Simon: Not competing.

Fourth: Aaron Kelly singing “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”. Me: Song too big; Randy: Thanks for SINGING; Ellen: So amazing; Kara: Best song choice; Simon: Old-fashioned.

Fifth: Crystal Bowersox singing “Me and Bobby McGee”. Me: Great Arrangement/ Vocals; Randy: Slayed it; Ellen: Great but need more connection; Kara: Felt more than before; Simon: Change NOTHING.

Sixth: Michael Lynche singing “When A Man Loves a Woman”. Me: Such an entertainer; Randy: Loved it; Ellen: Amazing tone; Kara: Bit loungey; Simon: Almost TOO much.

Seventh: Andrew Garcia singing “Heard it Through the Grapevine”. Me: Not outside box; Randy: Wasn’t good; Ellen: Not enough; Kara: Really confused; Simon: Arrangement horrific.

Eighth: Katie Stevens singing “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. Me: Current but Subpar; Randy: Picked young song; Ellen: Your best; Kara: Your lane; Simond: Not right area, getting better.

Ninth: Casey James singing “Power of Love”. Me: Original but stiff; Randy: Did it well; Ellen: Not fan of choice; Kara: Another level than others; Simon: Old-fashioned.

Tenth: Didi Benami singing “You’re No Good”. Me: Believable Strong Vocals; Randy: Pitchy all over; Ellen: Not right choice; Kara: Playing a character; Simon: Screechy.

Eleventh: Siobhan Magnus singing “Superstitious”. Me: Too much screaming; Randy: Inspiring; Ellen: More please!; Kara: Crazy good; Simon: Don’t get into habits.

So you can see I had some different views than the judges but whatever.

I wish this season was super good. I miss getting chills from Idol and I have not gotten them once THIS SEASON…that’s really bad. Oh well…overall this week was BLAH as far as song choice went.

My bottom 3 is Paige Miles, Tim Urban (sadly), and Andrew Garcia.

I (AS ALWAYS) pick Paige Miles to go home. Please let it happen this week.

I’ll keep it brief.

My Bottom 3 Was:

  • Paige Miles
  • Aaron Kelly
  • Lacey Brown

My Go Home Pick Was:

  • Paige Miles

The Bottom 3 Was:

  • Paige Miles
  • Tim Urban
  • Lacey Brown

Who went home:

  • Lacey Brown

Ugh, really wanted it to be Paige but whatever she won’t be around much longer. Lacey wouldn’t have stayed around very long anyway.

3 of my favorites performed: David Cook, Orianthi, and Ke$ha! They were all reallyyy good (saying a lot for Ke$ha). However, David BLEW IT AWAY. He has gotten even better since he was on Idol. Can’t wait for new music from him.

Last night was THE PREMIERE OF THE TOP 12! Finally getting down to the wire and only eliminating one person per week.

In case you aren’t aware of who the top 12 is this year, let me just give you some names:

  • Michael Lynche
  • Didi Benami
  • Casey James
  • Lacey Brown
  • Andrew Garcia
  • Katie Stevens
  • Tim Urban
  • Siobhan Magnus
  • Lee Dewyze
  • Paige Miles
  • Aaron Kelly
  • Crystal Bowersox

Incidentally, that is the way the contestants sang, which I’ll post every week as well.

The theme of the night was Rolling Stones (refer to the title for information each week as to the theme).

Michael Lynche started off the top 12 of this year with “Miss You”, and it was quite the way to kick off the show. Michael seemed so comfortable on the big stage, filling it with his big personality. He gave the song a really nice funk feel and once again used his awesome falsetto this week. I overall really loved it and found it a great way to start on the big stage. The judges were impressed as well, as Randy told him he “slayed it”, Ellen calling him “amazing”, and Kara loving his “Swagger” and the way he filled the stage; Simon took a bit different approach and called it “a bit corny” with the way he was dancing around, but I suppose it is hard to please everyone.

Second was Didi Benami singing “Play With Fire”. Didi SHOCKED me this week with the way she played the emotions of the song. So far she has just been very sweet and nicey nice the whole time, yet with this performance she possessed an angst that I loved! It was very versatile compared to her other performances, yet toward the end she had some trouble with her big notes and the final note was really pitchy, but overall the performance was great. The judges also loved the feel she gave this song, Randy calling Didi “on fire”, Ellen praising her for “finding her way” through the song, Kara calling the performance “compelling” and Simon complimenting Didi for “showing artistry” with that “solid” performance.

Next and third of the night was Casey James doing his own take on “It’s All Over Now”. This was my FAVORITE performance by Casey’s yet, which is saying a lot because so far I haven’t liked him much; this week he totally redeemed himself for me. He totally turned it up to a new level this week and made the song seem like something he himself would record and play in concerts. As far as the judges went, Randy told him that “He is back!”, Ellen told him he was great, Kara claimed that tonight he was a ROCK star! Simon told him it was good, but that he needs to turn up the Star power more because it felt somewhat like an audition for a band.

Red-head Lacey Brown took to the stage 4th with “Ruby Tuesday”, one of the only Rolling Stones songs I actually KNOW, and her performance was pretty pleasant, but I can’t say I was screaming for it. I particularly loved how she chose to arrange this version of the song with the string quartet, as it fit her voice and the type of artist she is. There were some sleepy parts but overall it was a risky choice and she did very good in my ears opinion. The judges definitely gave Lacey some constructive criticism with this one. Randy really liked it and said he was “pleasantly surprised” by her, Ellen told her it was “interesting” and that she should maybe change when she sat and stood, maybe sitting on the slow parts and then standing as the song picked up. Kara told her it was “50/50 performance” with as much area that needed improvement as was amazing, and Simon telling her to stop “overthinking” because she is truly talented.

The 5th performer of the night was Andrew Garcia rocking out to “Gimme Shelter”, a performance I LOVED. It was way different than anything he has done so far and I feel like Andrew is FINALLY hitting his stride and did a great interpretation of the song, but did have some screamy moments at the end. The judges were divided, Randy telling him it was “pitchy all over”, Ellen being confused by Randy and saying it was her “favorite performance of Andrew’s yet” (Same here Ellen), Kara noting some real problems but saying she could sometimes “hear that tone” that they love, and Simon being frustrated with Kara because she is so dumb and telling Andrew he “hopes he survives” to next week.

Katie Stevens was as the halfway mark, 6th, singing Rolling Stones hit “Wild Horses”, recently covered by Susan Boyle (an interpretation of the song Adam Lambert finds “laughable”, for a fun fact). I actually liked this performance by Katie compared to some of her others, but I at the same time feel she is so stiff and never pours emotion into her performances. She did look very pretty though. The judges like Katie (in my opinion because she’s young and can appeal to a young audience who will stay with her), Randy saying the performance was “very strong”, Ellen complimenting her “great voice”, Kara really liking her “nice variations”, and Simon praising her choice of “strong song”. Maybe I am just not feeling what the judges are feeling.

Tim Urban was 7th of the Top 12 with his performance of “Under My Thumb”, and I thought it was quite a nice performance. I love his guitar playing and the way he made the song his own, and it was a strong vocal performance by him. Each week Tim is really getting stronger vocally, especially when compared to his first top 24 performance. The judges did not really love it…Randy saying it was just “bizarre”, Ellen telling Tim it “didn’t fit the night” because it felt too relaxed like being on a beach, Kara giving some light and telling him he did good and “made it his own”, and Simon just saying it “didn’t work”.

Space Cadet (as my mother calls her) Siobhan Magnus went next with a performance of “Paint it Black” that had the judges RAVING. I really liked it as well, as it was a very fitting song for her, had a great arrangement, and she went for those high notes again. However, she was wearing this OUTFIT that made her look as though she fell through a pile of Hot Topics worst clothes. Also, there were definitely some nasal sections in the performance. The judges as I said LOVED it, Randy calling it “HOT!”, Ellen telling her she was a “stand out” among everyone, Kara raving that she had the “best interpretation of any song tonight”, and Simon noting how much “development” they are able to see in Siobhan.

Lee Dewyze came next as the 9th performer with “Beast of Burden”, and though the second half was not as good as the first and there was an “ewwww” note or two, I overall liked the arrangement and thought the vocals were good, Lee’s edginess really shining through. When the judges commented, Randy called it “DOPE!” and liked his singer-songwriter feel, Ellen told Lee she “expected more”, Kara pressed that Lee is “growing faster” than anyone else notably, and Simon saying Lee “didn’t shine” with that performance.

10th of the night was Paige Miles, apparently stricken with Laryngitis, not apparent from her LOUD singing of “Honky-Tonk Woman”. Surprisingly, this was a pretty good performance from Paige, yet her outfit was just atrocious, and as the song went the problems with her vocals took a bit more control and screaming was apparent and she seemed to lose control in some portions. The judges were really nice to her since she is sick, Randy telling her she “did alright” but needs “more energy”, Ellen noting Paige’s great “star quality” (I disagree there), Kara complimenting the “big notes” Paige was hitting, and Simon telling her it was great considering her illness, but needs to do more and connect with the audience/song.

Next to last was Aaron Kelly, who I am convinced is supposed to be the David Archuleta of this season with his uber humble personality, youthfulness, and small stature; unfortunately, he is not as easily connected with as David in my opinion. Aaron sang “Angie” this week to show a “tender” side, and I guess it was fine. I mean, it was a good vocal and it picked up from a very boring start, but I always feel there is SOMETHING missing from his performances. The judges really liked it, Randy confessing he “loved the tenderness” of Aaron’s performance, Ellen calling him a “stand out” along with Siobhan, Kara telling Aaron he really “worked it out”, and Simon saying it was “the right song” for Aaron to sing at this point.

12th, and last for the evening, was powerhouse Crystal Bowersox taking on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” (what is it with all of these GLEE songs on Idol?!), a performance I liked but somewhat expected MORE from. I mean it was very original how she chose to do it more subdued and her voice is absolutely incredible, but there was no UMPH to it and her outfit. was. dreadful. The judges liked the performance, but recognized the issues, Randy telling her it “had a couple problems but I LOVE YOU”, Ellen praising how “effortless” Crystal is when she sings, Kara complimenting the way Crystal has “loosened up”, and Simon telling Crystal that although she was the “100% favorite” going into the night, the “song didn’t deliver” the way it could have.

Despite some problems, I feel like this bunch handled Top 12 night well. Now…it wasn’t the BEST top 12 night ever, but they are growing on me.

My picks for the bottom three are:

  • Paige Miles
  • Aaron Kelly
  • Lacey Brown

Finally, for my going home pick I choose Paige Miles because…I just don’t think she can handle this much longer and I don’t think she is original enough.

What did you think of the top 12???

Here were my predictions of people to go home:

Paige Miles
Katie Stevens
Todrick Hall
Aaron Kelly

Here is who went home:

Katelyn Epperly
Lilly Scott
Todrick Hall
Alex Lambert

Well…only got one right…because America got it almost all wrong.

ALEX LAMBERT AND LILLY SCOTT??? BUT WHYYYYYY I LOVE THEM!!! Lilly and Alex both possessed really really  unique voices that did not just pass through ears with no impact. Ugh. Whatever, I hope the two are able to go on to some type of music careers.

Not too upset that Katelyn is gone…because I’ve heard she is a jerk.


Last night of voting before the Top 12 is revealed, so the boys had the pressure of bringing it!

Lee Dewyze kicked off the night with the SMASH hit “Fireflies” by Owl City. I was intrigued to see this because I love that song, and Lee did really well with it. He made it his own without destroying the essential elements of the song. I felt like this was something I would hear on the radio (I mean, it is, but I mean specifically his version). In all, a wonderful way to start off the night. The judges also liked it, as Randy started off by saying that it was a strange choice but that Lee really made it his own and it worked out; Ellen noted a couple pitch problems but overall it was great; Kara told Lee (and everyone else, as she loves to make her comments really showy) that she feels a star bubbling inside him, and that he actually made the song better than the original; Simon liked it but wasn’t raving and told Lee he was better than that performance.

Alex Lambert, a contestant who has really grown on me, went second with “Trouble”. I love seeing that Alex is starting to bloom and more confidence is really starting to show; as always, I love his voice, and I felt he was more connected to the audience. Of course, the mullet was still there, but even that has a certain good feel now. The judges are a bit on the fence with Alex still, as Randy started with the comments saying he wasn’t WOWED (how many times has he said that this season?) and that Alex could have done more; Ellen, a bit Alex fan, told him that she can see him ripening like a banana before her eyes, yet still possesses that innocence that she loves; Kara told Alex he is still stiff and needs to let go, be in the moment, and have a sense of vulnerability; Simon praised Alex’s distinct voice (just like me Simon!), but did tell him he needed to show everyone he is having a good time.

3rd of the night was Tim Urban with “Hallelujah”, a tried and true Idol song. Also, I got sad because it reminded me of The OC (the tv show), and made me really sad 😦 I digress. Tim’s performance was REALLY good, which makes me happy because I’ve always been a Tim fan since he’s kinda the underdog. I thought that it was the best performance of his yet, I loved the choice to sing this song, plus the simple melody changes he did to the song worked and it was very pleasing to the ear. The judges, starting with Randy, overall really liked Tim, saying he had some big shoes to fill and he did a good job. Ellen simply yelled FANTASTIC and ran off of the stage and HUGGED him (never has happened before); Kara told him he is kinda in it finally, in the top of the boys, and that the performance felt really honest; Simon praised himself as much as Tim, saying that Tim simply needed that booster Simon gave him last week, that it was a very smart performance, and that it was terrific!

Andrew Garcia took the 4th spot of the night, going back to his interpreting pop songs with Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle”. I honestly liked it. I found it all to be very clever, I love his voice, and it was very sensual. I loved the originality and kind of like this whole path he is taking now. The judges weren’t exactly on the Andrew train like I was though…Randy applauded his fashion sense with the cardigan choice, but told him the song itself didn’t work for him; Ellen was a bit more supportive, saying it was a good choice but that he didn’t bring the genie out until the end and told him to bring it earlier; Kara is very disappointed in Andrew, sad that he peaked so early, and also mentioned that he was fighting with the rhythm the whole time; Simon laid it all out and told Andrew it felt a little desperate and overthought, and that this was tricky because he does have talent and is unique, but hasn’t hit the spot since he sang “Straight Up” (I feel like they just keep mentioning that so they can talk about Paula and remind people she used to be on American Idol).

5th to go that night was Casey James with “You’ll Think of Me” by Keith Urban. This was probably my favorite of Casey’s so far, as it was a truly honest performance that showcased his versatility from the prior things he has done. I loved the simplicity of it, but I did want him to open his eyes more, and do not think he is a STAR yet. The judges overall liked it, though Randy started by telling him it was a bit safe and not to back off from the edgy songs he had been doing (it’s called versatility Randy…); Ellen loved it, saying it was great and it had a very comfortable vibe; Kara let EVERYONE KNOW she is kinda back on the Casey train but that he does need more spark; and Simon said it was Casey’s SECOND best performance, and noted that it was very sincere.

Young’n Aaron Kelly took to the stage 6th with “I’m Already There”, a WONDERFUL song. Personally, I thought it had a bit of an old feel but it was still good, he did have strong vocals on it, but some of the moves were a bit awkward, and I had somewhat of an empty feel after it. The judges gave some legitimate notes on this one, with Randy suggesting Aaron work on his lower register more; Ellen said that she loves Aaron because he is real and stands like he is 30 (saying he had a good maturity about him), but that it was a bit too big of a song for what he is capable of as of now; Kara started with her “not relevant to you” business but was QUICKLY cut off by Simon saying that no matter how old Aaron was, it was a beautiful song with the right type of emotions, and that he had appropriate emotions for it.

Ego maniac Todrick Hall was 7th with his take on Queen’s “Somebody to Love”. I’m sorry, I know I seem to harp on Todrick but he is honestly so in love with himself. The performance was just TOO showy and over the top and too much like the GLEE version. He does get a nice sound in his voice sometimes but you can just see right through him. The judges were interesting. Randy said it was the best of the night (further proof Randy is FULL OF CRAP); Ellen said it was brave, sounded very gospel, and she commends him for the performance; Kara did state he had good singing but noted that it was sooooo dramatic; Simon told him there were good parts but not all of it was good and finally said what has been needed to say….TODRICK IS A BROADWAY SINGER, not a popstar.

Big Mike Lynche closed the show Wednesday in a BIG way. He sang “This Woman’s Work”, a beautiful song anyway, and it truly wowed me. I started off by saying GET THAT FALSETTO! oooh loved it. It was honestly such an emotionally honest performance, and Michael is reallyyyy becoming a star. It was easily his best performance so far. The judges also were LOVING it, with Randy starting off just saying “really??? really??? CRAZY! DOPE! That last note was HOT!” (Typical annoying Randy comments, but it was actually true this time). Ellen said that is was so beautiful and that the show JUST began with that performance; Kara was “brought to tears” (big, showy fake ones) and told him it was amazing and relevant. Simon took it to the next level and told Michael that it is an extremely difficult song and that he nailed it, making it the best performance of all of the live shows so far!

Wow…the boys have FINALLY hit it. An evening of enjoyable performances. My vote off picks are Todrick Hall (always) and Aaron Kelly. Aaron is good, but I just felt pretty underwhelmed by his performance this week.

The Top 12 is so near! With that in mind, the Idol girls hit the stage this week in one last attempt to please voters and secure a spot in the finals.

Young Katie Stevens took to the stage first this week, and again Idol Kelly Clarkson was used, this time the hit title track “Breakaway”, from her second album. I was really looking forward to Katie’s version because I think she has a strong voice, yet hasn’t necessarily found where she fits yet. Unfortunately, she did not take the song to any extraordinary levels like Kelly does. Katie just appears very dead onstage-she sings the songs well but never performs. Overall it was another average, karaoke performance. The judges were somewhat split. Randy noted that she paled in comparison to Kelly Clarkson and that it was a karaoke performance, while Ellen praised that she took their notes well and picked the right song; Kara told Katie that she has a good radio voice but doesn’t know who she is yet, and Simon reinforced that by telling her that she is taking their notes well, but does not know yet what type of artist she wants to be.

Strange but captivating Siobhan Magnus hit the stage next with the song “House of the Rising Sun”, a song that I love anyway! I found the song totally fit Siobhan’s big voice, that she was totally in control of the song, and made it her own (something many of the contestants aren’t doing this year). Randy liked what she did with the song and praised that she always takes risks. Ellen told Siobhan that she finds her captivating and very current in our music industry; Kara loved the a capella vibe in the beginning and told S that she is “so unique” (which they ALWAYS tell her); finally, Simon put a damper on things by saying that he wasn’t a huge fan of it and that it was overall “a bit weird”. I liked it.

3rd Idol hopeful of the night was Lacey Brown with “The Story”, and tell a story she did! I have always been a fan of Lacey’s voice (despite a lackluster performance or two), and this week she really showcased her BEAUTIFUL upper register. While she did have some pitch issues and definitely struggled toward the end, it was a strong performance from her overall. Randy found the song “a little sleepy” in some parts, yet also told Lacey it was “her best performance in a long time”; Ellen kept it simple with a “really good” to Lacey;  Kara loved Lacey’s effortless and told her that THIS was the type of record she’d make (Kara is SO OBSESSED with saying that this season); Simon told her that the song went “really, really, really well” but also stated that she needed more connection with the auience.

Katelyn Epperly hit the stage next with a rendition of the hit song “I Feel the Earth Move”. It was quite the interesting performance. I thought it was a good choice to fit the kind of songs Katelyn tends to sing, but at the same time she just kind of had no energy and was making some super strange faces. I won’t say I DIDN’T like the performance, but it did not have me raving. Randy told Katelyn that the whole thing felt a little put on and boring; Ellen said that she felt it isn’t the kind of song that would wow people; Kara felt that Katelyn was simply going through the motions and she didn’t know what happened this week; Simon started positively, saying he liked Katelyn’s hair, but then went on to say it felt like request night at a restaurant, that it was too simple, and that nothing special happened.

Didi Benami took to the stage next with Rhiannon, which definitely had a Brooke White feel in my opinion. It was truly a good performance and I feel that Didi is really starting to find herself and become comfortable on the Idol stage; it was very entertaining and controlled, and it was one of the first performances of the season I have actually loved. The judges were also feeling the love for Didi, as Randy said he felt no “wow” moments but it was a lot better than her others; Ellen told Didi it was a good job (I love Ellen!, but sometimes she doesn’t have a lot to say); Kara said it was one of her favorite moments of the season; and Simon told Didi it was the BEST of the night so far, that she proved her artistry, and that it was very well balanced.

6th of the night was Paige Miles with “Smile”, but I must say I was NOT smiling. Although it was better than last week’s “Walk Away”, it was still just… abysmal. Paige is truly floundering in my opinion. She had some real problems with the runs she was attempting, it was just boring, and towards the end it just got dreadful. The judges were not feeling the warmth of a smile either, as Randy started by saying the song simply didn’t work and went flat; Ellen explained that this song is suppose to make others feel hope, but this just was just sad, heavy, and not uplifting; Kara told her that it was all wrong and that it felt that Paige herself felt it was wrong; Simon found it boring and that she has no direction, mentioning that it truly is a shame because she showed so much promise in the beginning.

Crystal Bowersox, back in full health from last weeks illness, held the 7th position of the night with “Give Me One Reason”, and she gave EVERYONE a reason to vote for her with a stellar performance. This girl is here to fight to the death, was out there PLAYIN that guitar with a nearly flawless performance, and in my opinion had her best performance yet. I gave it an A+! The judges also loved it, with Randy stating that he loved it all and he’s a fan and that it was HOT!; Ellen claimed it was the best of the night; Kara lauded Crystal for knowing who she is and for being completely contemporary; finally, Simon told her she is 1,000,000 (that would be one million) percent in the Top 12, that she was the most improved of the season, and that she is currently the one to beat.

Following Crystal with the final performance of the night was Lilly Scott with “I Fall to Pieces” by Patsy Cline. While it may be tough to follow that Crystal performance, Lilly truly held her own and kept cool and brought her own flavor to the table. The performance was very original, personal, honest, and risky. I have always loved Lilly’s unique style because it is something rarely seen on American Idol. The judges also liked it. Randy loved the originality of the song; Ellen loved the performance; Kara told her she made the song very current; and Simon told her she was very brave, and while it didn’t have a WOW factor, it was cute and quirky.

Well, for my vote of picks this week I chose Paige Miles and Katie Stevens, simply because I don’t think they have what it takes to make a lasting impression in Idol history.

I am really behind on blogging so this results will be short.

For the boys I predicted Jermaine and Todrick would go home.
I was half right: Jermaine went home (thankfully, I had enough of his diva attitude), and John Park left, which I was a bit disappointed by because I am sick of Todrick.

For the girls I picked Haeley and Paige to leave.

THANKFULLY Haeley left (sooo obnoxious) and Michelle Delamor was cut. Though I was looking forward to Paige going home after that dreadful interpretation of Walk Away, Michelle wasn’t adding anything special to the competition either, so I was not heartbroken to see her go.

The blogs, status updates, and tweets were on fire all day in reference to Crystal Bowersox mysterious condition, and the question of whether or not she would be in an condition to perform that night on Idol. Even up to an hour before the show it was uncertain if Crystal would be going on. Luckily, she pulled through and was able to perform.

Not only was Crystal Bowersox able to appear on Idol that night, she kicked off the show in a strong way. She sang “As Long As I Can See the Light”. I really liked the gospel feel of the song, and always appreciate Crystal’s strong voice, but I did take note of a noticeable lack of energy in the song (which I can only credit to her illness, so ultimately I do not let it take away from her performance). The judges were extremely nice, maybe because they knew what she had been through. They said they “love that girl”, noted her raw talent, praised her for knowing who she is as an artist, and loved her song choice.

Haeley Vaughn had the 2nd spot of the night, opting this week to go with a young song and sing “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. Now, I will NEVER know who told Haeley this would be a good choice of song to sing because I felt like I was watching some video of a little girl in front of her bathroom mirror with a hairbrush singing her heart out…badly. It was pitchy and lispy all over the place, and just overall PAINFUL AND DREADFUL. The judges were equally as unhappy. They said it just didn’t work, they didn’t feel it but to keep smiling, that it was inconsistent, and overall an utter mess (thank you Simon).

3rd up on Wednesday night was red-headed beauty Lacey Brown with “Kiss Me”, which Kara suggested the week before. I really do like her voice, and I think this choice was pretty good for her voice, but at the same time it was just really underwhelming and had pitch problems throughout. Let me just say I know it sounds like Randy with all my “pitchy” comments this season, but honestly it’s been a big issue for this batch of contestants like never before! The judges said it felt a bit karaoke, that she was adorable, noted that she brought out her wonderful tone at parts, that she needed to step up, and needs to start showing artistry.

Katie Stevens hit the stage next with Put Your Records On, trying to keep it young. Katie kinda shocks me…she has this really mature sounding voice but I never feel blown away by her. Everything she does is very stiff. She did have a nice ending though. The judges told her she has a nice upper register, told her to be EVEN YOUNGER (are we going for Backyardigans here?), want her to open up and to tell US what she wants through her music.

Next up in the 5th spot that night was Didi Benami with the standard “Lean On Me”. Didi reminds me so much of Brooke White sometimes that it astounds me. This week the performance started off well and I thought it was a great choice, yet as it went on she really lost control on some of the high notes, but I did feel like she was more connected to the song than the week before. The judges said it was NOT a great song choice but they love her voice, that it was NOT good and all over the place, and finally, that it truly sounded screechy. Ouch.

Michelle Delamor went 6th on this night singing the Creed hit song “With Arms Wide Open”. This performance was…interesting. I thought maybe it would be kinda cool because it’s been a few years since it was really popular on the radio, and thought it could maybe have a new feel with a girl singing it. Parts of the performance truly showcased Michelle’s voice, but she lacks stamina. She absolutely struggled on the higher notes and the final note was an absolute MISS. The judges told her it just simply didn’t do enough, that that they appreciated the changes she made, that it was a favorite performance of hers so far, but that the first half was stronger (so true).

Up on the stage 7th was Lilly Scott in her unique glory singing “A Change in Gonna Come”. I really love how unique Lilly is and how she brings quirkiness to so many of her performances and overall she is just TRUE. One note I put is that she does need to open up her eyes more when she performs. The judges were mostly all about this performance, saying that she “worked it out”, that she has the “it” factor, that this is her first true “moment” of the season; however, Simon said it was good, but he wasn’t as crazy about it as the other judges were.

8th on the Idol stage was Katelyn Epperly in what I found to be her best performance yet, singing “The Scientist” while accompanying herself on the piano. I loved how original she was with it, and loved the piano; there was a very professional quality about the performance, and she looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The judging panel was fairly divided on this performance, calling the performance very good and saying they kinda love her and that it was very relevant; on the other side, they didn’t like HOW slow the song was, saying it was TOO slow, and Simon called it a bit corny.

Paige Miles was on the stage next, taking on the BEST Idol (Kelly Clarkson) with “Walk Away” (co-written by Kara Dioguardi). In my opinion, Paige was more or less setting herself up for disaster, singing a hit song by a HIT Idol not only in America, but internationally, PLUS written by someone sitting 20 feet away? Brave girl, brave. I just hated it a lot. I thought it was so karaoke, so cheesy with all of the graphics and lights, that she had horrible falsetto, and it was a BLAH MESS overall. She just did not embody the elements of the song. The judges were overall nice about it (much nicer than I would have been), saying they like her big voice even if it wasn’t the best choice, that they loved it, she didn’t connect but they appreciated the performance, and that it was good but she is failing to choose what kind of artist to be.

To end the night, strange Siobhan Magnus sang Think, done several times on Idol. This was a truly baffling performance in my opinion. The beginning was nothing special. It seemed like another Karaoke bubbly performance, and was overall kind of strange (fitting because Siobhan often seems to be in her own dimension), but then WHOA! There was that last note that she just GOT. I was shocked when it was there all of the sudden. The judges loved it. Everything was said from that is was “dope!” and “so good” to that they just couldn’t figure out how that note came from her body, and that she is such a strange person, with some terrible parts and some incredible parts of the performance.

In all, it was interesting and strange night of Idol. No one (again) stuck out to me as a STAR, but some are beginning to emerge. This week I picked Paige Miles and Haeley Vaughn to go home.

This week, in tradition, the girls were intended to go first, with the boys following the next night. However, this time there was a very last minute change because of Crystal Bowersox, one of the Top 10 girls. She came down with apparently a very bad illness and was in the hospital, so the boys were pushed ahead a day.

I said it last week…I think the Idols are failing this year. In a wonderful turn of events though, the boys TRULY stepped it up this week, making the show much more entertaining than last week.

Kicking off the night was Michael Lynche with “This is a Man’s World”. Big Mike has truly started to come into his own, yet still needs a bit more polish. I thought the song still felt a bit old, not something I would hear on the radio. However, I love Michael’s smooth voice and felt like he connected more with the crowd and to the song this week. It was SOO much better than last week, and overall I said it was a “TRUE” performance. The judges said he had the potential to be a crazy R&B star, the he picked a great song, it was the best way to start off the night, and that he went from a pussycat to a lion!

John Park hit the stage next with a different approach from last week. This time around he chose to sing “Gravity” by John Mayer. Let me start off saying, I don’t like John Mayer or the song “Gravity”, but I found John did a pretty good job with it. He has a voice I feel like producers and songwriters would want to work with, yet I do not feel like his performances are HOT yet. I just am left kind of empty after he gets done…it’s upsetting really because I WANT to love him. The judges were pretty much in agreement, saying the performing fell flat, that there was nothing special, it needed more soul, and was way better than last week but nothing to get excited about.

The third contestant of the night was Casey James, and LUCKILY this week we did not have to hear all about Kara’s crush (maybe her husband wasn’t so fond of that joke). Casey sang the Gavin Degraw (and much done song on idol) hit “I Don’t Wanna Be”, marking the second song of the night that I simply DON’T like. He played the electric guitar, and personally, I found it made his performance THAT much better than last week. Though I don’t love the song, it did fit Casey well and he stepped it up from last week. Also, the ending was strong and he didn’t simply throw it away. The judges were divided on this one. While part of the panel “loved the vibe” and called it “hot!” and said it “sounded great”, the other half said it was “too stiff” and “seemed like a bar performance” and even considered that he took a couple steps back from last week.

Alex Lambert came out in all his mullet glory for the 4th performance of the night, singing “Everybody Knows”. This was SOOOO much better than last week, and I found myself rooting for Alex after his endearing video package. Alex honestly has a great voice if he will harness his power. Although I HATE that mullet, he made the right choice of song, and connected much more with the audience this week. The judges were loving Alex this week. They told him he’s found his niche, the he has shown such improvement, he has a great, unique, recordable voice, and Simon said it was “1,000,000 times better than last week”.

My LEAST favorite male contestant, Todrick, was 5th in the line up on Tuesday. He chose to sing “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” this week to show he can do songs without totally changing them…or so he thought. What bothers me about Todrick is that it actually was better in terms of NOT changing it completely, and vocally was clean in the majority of the song, it still was just TOO much, and his ego just overtakes the stage! The judges really weren’t feeling the love- they want Todrick to REALLY just sing the songs he picks, that it was all over, that they didn’t get it, and Simon told him to “move but not sing”, meaning he thinks he should just stick to dancing. I can’t say I disagree Simon.

6th of the night was Jermaine Sellers, diva of the male group this year. He chose to sing “What’s Going On?” this week and may I just say…I was asking myself the same question. Jermaine is just SO AVERAGE and shaky in every performance. He never truly PERFORMS, just stands there and sings and is very disconnected. It did pick up a bit in the end but it was still just boring. The judges as well didn’t love it. They admitted that there were bright moments, yet it was not great. Ellen told him she loved his style, but that the song didn’t work for him. Kara again stressed that he was doing too much, and Simon told him he was frustrated and disappointed. Then Jermaine (of course) got sassy, telling them where he comes from (church) you can’t be taught certain stuff and that they needed to go to church sometime with him to experience singing, which Simon told him he most certainly would, because Jermaine certainly wasn’t doing church singing. Get it Simon.

Next up was one of my favorite male contestants this season, Andrew Garcia. While he took on Fall Out Boy last week, this week he sang “You Give Me Something”, also singing without his guitar. I found Andrew’s performance good overall, but underwhelming. I just honestly love his voice so much because he has a really unique tone, and I can tell he would probably be a good artist once he gets out on his own. The judges were a bit divided. While part of the panel said it was “pitchy all over” and “just ok”, the other judges said they “liked it alot” and find that Andrew has so much potential to be a great artist.

Taking the 8th slot of the night was Aaron Kelly, singing the classic “My Girl”. Aaron did much better with this performance in terms of performance and vocally; however, I still said he needed to calm down the runs a bit and work on his falsetto. The judges said the first part was brilliant, 200% better, that the song was forgetttable, that he was consistent, and that he was all over the place. Very diverse comments judges!

Next to last on this night is Tim Urban, who TRULY improved greatly this week with his take on “Come on Get Higher”. It was truly a good choice, soo much better than last week, and showed an abundance of more confidence; however, the end did possess a few pitch problems that he needs to be sure and stay conscious of in the future. The judges were a bit harsh, saying it was “nothing unique”, telling him he should try acting and singing but not just singing, that he had no presence, and that he didn’t make the song his own. However, Simon shocked everyone and noted that Tim had a “marked improvement” from last week and should be proud of himself.

Lee Dewyze closed the show this week with “Lips of an Angel”. Now, I really like Lee, but I despise this song. I just don’t like Hinder at all. Having said that, it was a good fit for him, and I liked his subdued build-up of the song. However, there were some pitch and confidence issues, and I felt at times Lee was pushing his voice a bit more than necessary.

THANK GOODNESS the boys brought it more this week than last, but there are still many more improvements to be made before any one of them could be considered an “Idol”. My personal picks to be voted off this week are Todrick Hall and Jermaine Sellers.